Top Treatments

Our valances and cornices are perfect for those who want a simple decorative window treatment, a complement for blinds and shutters, or a luxurious layer for draperies. The collection includes 6 styles of board-mounted valances in clean lines and embellished gathers, rod-mounted valances in existing pleat styles, and 3 soft cornices in classic styles.They come in lengths from 14" to 24" and the same widths as our draperies. Board-mounted valances and cornices are available in 3", 6", and 9" projections and made to order in 1" width increments.

Board Mounted Valance - Balloon

Board Mounted Valance - Gathered

Board Mounted Valance - Inverted Box Pleat

Board Mounted Valance - Inverted Center Pleat

Board Mounted Valance - Kingston

Board Mounted Valance - Scalloped

Box Cornice

Scalloped Cornice

Straight Cornice

Rod Mounted Valance - Goblet Pleat with buttons

Rod Mounted Valance - Grommets

Rod Mounted Valance - Rod Pocket